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Two Zone Thermal Shock Test Chamber

Two Zone Thermal Shock Test Chamber



External test chamber is made of dual electrostatic SUS #304 with high temperature resistance as well as galvanized plate as well as internal test chamber is also made of SUS#304 stainless steel plate;

Test Chamber door is designed as single open door and the cable port with different size such as φ50mm、φ80mm、φ100mm for cable through-hole with silicon plug and stainless steel cover; 

The test specimen is design as a mobile basket type to move up and down and with features such as replace shift time less than 10s,and maximum basket loading capacity as 20kg, automatic locking function on test specimen loaded inside of basket as well as automatic shutdown of basket if test chamber door opened; 

Door Frame & Insulation Door Employs high reliable silicon sealing ring & strips, ensure a close test environment thus to provide an excellent test condition for entire test procedure; 

The Heating system is introduced with electrical Heating Tube with fin-shape nichorome heating tube with over-temperature protection functions; the control output signal through SSR relay to control heater current to achieve high-accuracy temperature control;

Air Supply System is designed with an method of air blow from chamber right side to left side and air cycling driven by cycling motor to guarantee proper temperature and humidity uniformity;  multiple-blade centrifugal cycling blower is introduced with high-low temperature resistance blades;

Essential mechanism and subsystems for test chamber such as French Tecumseh /German Bitzer/Copeland Compressor, environmental friendly refrigerant HFC R404A,R23A;

Control System is introduced with control method of Taiwan TATO TT-5166 TH-7 Industrial microcomputer control system with anti-windup PID, BTC controlling unit as well as available software for customization; integrated with sampling module of 24 bit AD converting module to achieve automatic calibration and high accurate control.

Protective System is designed as below to ensure entire test chamber in safe operation condition; 

Over-temperature for test specimen protection function with independent regulation of temperature protector; introduced with non-fuse protective switch; over-temperature for heater protective switch; over-load for compressor protective function, high/low pressure for compressor protection function; over-current protection system.


Model LTS2-50LTS2-80LTS2-150LTS2-250LTS2-512LTS2-1000
Internal Dimension (W×H×D) mm350×400×360400×500×400500×600×500600×700×600800×800×8001000×1000×1000
External Dimension(W×H×D) mm1280×1920×11601320×2000×15201500×2100×17001600×2200×19001800×2300×21002000×2550×2300
Testing Zone Temp.RangeType A: -40~+150 200 Customize) ;Type B: -55~+150 200 Customize) ;Type C: -65~+150 200 Customize)
High Temp. Range of Testing Zone: +60~+150 200 customize); Low Temp. of Testing Zone : -10~-40/-55/-65
High Low Temp. Exposure TimeExposure to High Temp.: +60~+150 200 customize)  30mins
Exposure to High Temp.: -100~Type A -40 /Type B -55/Type C -65  30mins
Pre-Heat Zone Temp./Heating Time RT~200/Approx 45 mins 
Pre-cooling zone /cooling timeRT~-75/Approx 100 mins 
Temp. Recovery Time/conversion Time5min/5sec  
Machine Material Inner with SUS #304 Stainless steel , External with SUS#304 Stainless steel or Cold-rolled powerder coated material .Insulation material with Polyurethane material . 
Cooling System Semi-hermetic double-stage compressor(water-cooled type) /Hermetic double-stage compressor (air-cooled type) 
Protection SystemNon-fuse breaker, high and low pressure protective switch of the compressor ,refrigerator  high-pressure protective switch, failure warning system, electronic alarm 
Accessories viewing window(optional) 
Compressor French “Tecumseh” Brand, Germany Bizer Brand 
Power Source AC220V 1ph  3 Wires,50/60HZ, AC380V 3ph  5 Wires,50/60HZ 
Gross Weight (kg) (Approx) 46062078095012801450
CompressorFrench Tecumseh Brand, Germany Bizer Brand


GB/T  2423.1-2001 IEC60068-2-1)Environmental testing - Part 2: Test methods - Tests A: Cold
GB/T  2423.2-2001  (IEC60068-2-2)Environmental testing - Part 2: Test methods - Tests B: Dry heat
GB/T 2423.22-2002Basic environmental testing procedures for electric and electronic products--Test N: Change of temperature
GJB150.3A-2009(MIL-STD-810D)Test Method : High Temperature 
GJB150.4A-2009(MIL-STD-810D)Test Method : Low Temperature  
GJB/150.5-2009Test Method : Temperature Shock