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Digital Hydraulic Tensile Tester

Digital Hydraulic Tensile Tester



Electronic Force Measurement System with LCD Digital Display Method;

Hydraulic Drive System With Excellent Drive Performance to Support Various Mechanical Test;

Direct Test Parameter Input to Measure & Test Tensile, Compression, Yield Strength & Others;

Available To Monitor Test Curve of Force-Time, Test Force, Force Peak, Yield Strength and So On;


The UMT optimizes its structure as gantry frame to provide a stable and reliable platform for tensile test above main test mechanism as well as compression test under main test mechanism. 

Sufficient Space for tensile or compression to help laboratory technician to put into different application occasions. 

High Rigid Steel for Main Test Mechanism to enable UMT serve for long life in different usage condition. This UMT is popular and applied for various metallic material in tensile, compression, bending and shearing test, also available to test non-metallic materials such as plastic, cement. With extra simple or complex fixtures or holders, this UMT can be used for testing fitting or other product with complicated structures in multiple-test purpose to verify different properties of them.  

Main Test Unit 

Main functional test unit employs flexible design to layout tensile test space above main test while compression test space is located under main test unit, which enables this tensile tester deserves its name as universal material test to implement various tensile, compression, shearing test projects. 

Drive System

Drive System, with excellent innovation of motor with gearbox, chain drive mechanism, secondary screw drive to control the elevation of lower crossbeam to regulate tensile, compression space. 

Hydraulic System

The hydraulic fluid, in hydraulic fluid container being forced into fluid pipe by performing of motor to drive the high pressure pump, flows and passes through one-way valve, high pressure oil filter, differential valve assembly, servo valve and into hydraulic cylinder. The computer will send control signal to servo valve to control the open and direction of servo valve,which will control the flow quantity of hydraulic fluid into hydraulic cylinder so as to achieve constant velocity testing force as well as displacement control. 

Control System 

Designed with Electronic Force Measurement, LCD monitoring for Test force-Time Curve, Test Force, Test Force Peak, also with yield strength, which get an easy access to observe and check test data. 

Direct Digital input of est specimen series Number, cross-sectional area, can result in the mechanical property data such as tensile strength,yield strength of testing materials.

Available and compatible to print the test result. 


Tester ModelLTE-300KNLTE-600KNLTE-1000KN
Max. Test Force300kN600kN1000kN
Force Test Range4%-100%FS4%-100%FS4%-100%FS
Relevant Accuracy of Test Force Value≤±1% of Monitoring Value≤±1% of Monitoring Value≤±1% of Monitoring Value
Test Force Resolution0.01kN0.01kN0.01kN
Travel Measurement Resolution0.01mm0.01mm0.01mm
Deformation Measurement Accuracy0.01mm0.01mm0.01mm
Max.Tensile Test Space550mm550mm550mm
Piston Travel150mm150mm150mm
Clamp Diameter (Round Test Specimen )Φ6-Φ26mmΦ6-Φ26mmΦ6-Φ26mm
Jaw Clamp Thickness (Flat Test Specimen)0-15mm0-15mm0-15mm
Max.Clamp Width (Flat Test Specimen)70mm70mm70mm
Top & Bottom Press Sizeφ160mmφ160mmφ160mm
Max.Distance Between Bending Test Points450mm450mm450mm
Bending Roller Width120mm120mm120mm
Bending Roller DiameterΦ30mmΦ30mmΦ30mm
Max.Piston Travel Velocity50mm/min50mm/min50mm/min
Clamp & Hold Method Manual  ClampManual  ClampManual  Clamp
Overall Dimension(Main Test Unit)720×580×1950mm900×710×2200mm900×710×2200mm
Overall Dimension(Control Unit)1050×620×950mm1000×700×1400mm1050×620×950
Gross Weight1900KG2300KG2500KG