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Computer Universal Material Tensile Tester

Computer Universal Material Tensile Tester



Comprehensive Combination of Electronic and Mechanical Technologies With High Accuracy & High Flexibility; 

Designed With Wide & Accurate Loading Velocity & Measurement Range, also good performance to Measure and Control Load & Travel;

Compact size and easy-to-operate features enables tester to be a popular and Important instrument for modern quality assurance & material selection; 

Employed with AC motor and timing belt drive method provide a travel accuracy resolution up to 0.01mm.


Main Testing Mechanism 

Introduced with dual-space door architecture, available to implement testing motion such as pull and compression;

Speed Governing system employs full digital servo motor as well as speed controller with stable and reliable performance as well as protective functions such as overloading, over-voltage, over-current. 

Speed governing range can be controlled within 0.05~500mm/mim.

Drive system is designed with arch timing tooth belt with precise ball screw functioned as slaver drive mechanism to achieve stable drive and travel with low noise as well as high efficiency. 

The universal joint is designed as cross pin-insertion structure with swing angle limitation that enables easy testing specimen clamping and holding to ensure not just testing concentricity, but also to eliminate the bad effect to test for irregular testing specimens. 

Control, Software, Data Process

Typical features from computer control system such as high integration, stable performance as well easy-to-regulation can be found in this tensile testing machine. 

Available to implement real-time sampling for testing data as well as real-time dynamic testing curve monitoring, while all of testing data and parameters can be saved in ACCESS- common data bank or SQL serve-large data bank which provide a possibility for users to achieve resource sharing ,network management so as for further re-analysis. 

As for various of user-defined word2000 reporting form, this tensile tester software system enables an easy-to-access solution for different users or identical user ask(s) for different testing reporting form in different stages. 

This tensile tester software system is developed with excellent testing data and information processing performance such as testing force, travel, time, deformation, original data of deformation as well as deviated testing curves.

Protective Function

Except for mechanical protective limitation method, this tensile tester provides a software system protective limitation method,  the protective function of automatic shutdown will activate if maximum loading excesses can be set dynamically, meanwhile, protective functions such as overloading, over-voltage, over-current are designed with. 

Available to achieve automatic calibration for loading and deformation channel, which is more visible. 

It is possible to implement batch test as well as hierarchical monitoring for curves and automatic curve dynamics. 

This tensile tester software system is available to achieve user-defined speed setting as well as computer-control speed,  is also able to achieve high accurate speed calibration as well as timely speed governing transmission as well as encoding. 

Test Monitoring Process

Available to monitor and display the real-time testing data and parameters such as testing force, deformation, travel, curves. 

Software Authorization Management Function

To improve safety of software and data, this tensile tester software system employs authorization management by different user-level with different login account and password. 

Testing Reproducing Function

It is possible for the user to open and re-analyse testing data at any time after the testing fulfilled and data saved. 

In accordance with user’s testing requirement, it is available to select the special testing curves or data to monitor, save, analyze as well as print, Those data and parameters can be load-deformation, load-time, load-travel, deformation-time etc. 

Point-wise Viewing on Testing Curve

Available to click points on testing curve to view the force value as well as deformation to calculate various variants on every single points on curve. 

Result Comparison

Compatible and available to view and check multiple testing curves at the same time, the test technician can overlay multiple curves as well as zoom in curves to analyze and make comparison of testing specimen properties. 

Force Communication Port: Testing force channel communication port as well as testing software system, in accordance with customer’s special testing objectives, is available and compatible to install various sensors and detectors and implement calibration, modification as well as normal test. 

Deformation Communication Port: Deformation channel communication port as well as testing software system, in accordance with customer’s special testing objectives, is available and compatible to be equipped with various extensometers and implement calibration, modification as well as normal test.

Data Sample Frequency: In accordance with customer’s demand to install with high speed sampling frequency. 

Special fixtures and accessories: Standard accessories for standard configuration and optional for special demands. 


Tester StrcutrureGantry TypeFree-Stand
Max. Test Force10KN20KN50KN100KN200KN300KN
Force Test Range2%—100% of Max.Test Capacity
Tester Accuracy GradeGRADE 1
Test Force Accuracy≤±1% of Monitoring Value
Crossbeam Trave Measurement 0.01mm (Resolution)
Deformation Accuracy≥±1%
Test Velocity Control0.01-500mm/min  0.01-300mm/min  
Test Space700mm650mm
Test Unit Structure Door Frame Structure
Main Test Unit 580×350×1670 mm760×530×1830mm830×610×1980mm1100×770×2685mm
Gross WeightApprox.300KgApprox.400KgApprox.500KgApprox.700Kg
Working ConditionRoom Temperature~45℃, Relative Humidity 20%~80% 

Video :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4hNylj5vpk