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Xenon Aging Testing

 Xenon Aging Test

Complete Xenon Aging Testing Process Including :

Illumination ,determined by the Spectral Power Distribution (SPD) and xenon arc lamp irradiance on to specimen surface.   

Temperature , including chamber temperature, black standard temperature or black panel temperature.

Relative Humidity ;

Water Spray .

Light Filter System

Types of xenon lamp test chamber sensor and filter :

Totally 4 kinds of sensor for monitoring illumination strength :

340nm, 420nm, TUV 300~400nm), QB ,intensity calibrator .  

Three kinds of filter : Daylight Filter-B/B , Windows Glass Q Filter ,UV Expanding Filter.  

 Filter System

What is the role of different types of filters?  

Daylight filter mainly simulates the summer sun at noon, can be used to test outdoor materials;

Window glass filter is mainly used to simulate the sunlight through the window, can be used to test indoor materials.

What is the difference between condensation and spray in light aging test?

Condensation used to simulate the dew on materials in real life, but test equipment can not fully simulate the dew, because the dew is rich in oxygen; spray is used to simulate the material under rain condition .


When lighting time take hour as unit, then need to convert it to second. 

Xenon Arc Lamp Aging Tester need to realize integral control of environmental factors  

Light intensity

Bright / dark cycles

Blackboard temperature and dry bulb temperature

Spectral energy distribution after optical filter

humidity control

Water Spray

What are the commonly used xenon lamp Aging Test standards  ?

ASTM G155-2005 Operating Xenon Arc Light Apparatus for Exposure of Non-Metallic Materials 1 

ISO4892.2-2006 Plastics--Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources--Part 2 : Xenon-arc lamps

GB/T 16422.2-1999 Plastics--Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources--Part 2 : Xenon-arc lamps