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UV Accelerated Aging Test

UV Aging Test  

UV Lamp Types :  UVA-340, UVB-313  

Application of different UV lamps :  

UVA-340 :Simulated ultraviolet light in sunlight, mainly used for light aging test for outdoor products.  

UVB-313: widely applied for rapid and economical test of durable material ,which will accelerate the material aging speed.  

UVA-351:  Used to simulate the ultraviolet portion of sunlight that passes through the window, mainly for indoor testing .

UV Aging  

What does a complete UV test condition include?

UV Lamps


Non illumination type (condensation and spray )

Temperature under irradiation and non illumination

Light and non light time  

Testing time or testing cycling times

UVA Aging   

UVA-340 Light Irradiance :  

0.68W/㎡ @340nm  Equivalent to the sun in summer midday time, get quick results

1.38W/㎡ @340nm  Two times the maximum value of the sun, get a quick effect.

0.35W/㎡ @340nm  Equivalent to daylight in March / September, suitable for general testing or lower UV light intensity test.

UVB-313 Light Irradiance

0.67W/㎡ @340nm

1.23W/㎡ @340nm Very fast testing, applied to quality control or  good durability material testing;

0.48W/㎡ @340nm UVB-313 Long time illumination of SAEJ2020 standard lamp tube.

UV Testing Standard   

What are the common UV test standards?.

ASTM G154 -2006   Standard Practice for Operating Fluorescent Light Apparatus for UV Exposure of Nonmetallic Materials

ISO4892.3-2006  Plastics-Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources--Part 3 : Fluorescent UV Lamps

GB/T 16422.3-1997  Plastics-Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources--Part 3 : Fluorescent UV Lamps


UV Testing Instrument

QUV Aging Test Chamber Related Technical Parameters ?

Black board Temperature : Light irradiation : 50~85℃, Black : 40~60℃

Irradiation Strength:  0.25~1.55W//nm

Sample Board Dimension :  60*95*5mm  ( Total 48 pcs sample board)