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LED Testing Introduction

LED Testing Equipments

1. High low temperature test

 Condition : -40~+150℃

Test Purposes :Evaluate the basic function, stability of products material, light attenuation

Conclusion :No significant deformation,cracks.light source no significant attenuation;Electrical components and basic function work properly

Recommend Model : LTT-800C

2: Temperature Humidity test

Condition : "30%~95%R.H. ; 25℃~85℃"

Test Purposes :Evaluate electrical properties of Products after simulation extreme climate test.

Conclusion :Electric circuit and components work properly,light source no significant attenuation.

Recommend Model : LTH-800C

3:Temperature change test 

Condition: 85℃/30 mins &  -40℃/30 mins Temperature change in 5mins;

Test Purposes :Evaluate the basic function;stability of products material,Light attenuation,metal and rubber will deformation, brittle and accelerated aging rupture

Conclusion :No obvious deformation and cracks; light source no significant attenuation;Electrical components work properly;No corrision spot .

Recommend Model : LTS-512B

4: Aging test

Condition :RT~300℃

Test Purposes :Evaluate deformation of materials,accelerated aging .

Conclusion :No obvious deformation brittle and cracks;Electrical components work properly.

Recommend Model : LTG-600

5.Corrosion Test

Condition:Lab Temperature:35℃±1℃;Saturated barrel temp:47℃±1℃;

Test Purposes :Antioxidant,anti-corrision ability of metal parts

Conclusion :No corrision spot after 72 or 96H test.  

Recommend Model : LTSP-120

6.Vibration Test

Condition:  Test time:3H Test,each 1H for three direction.Frequency:20~500Hz ,Accelerated speed:1.5~5.0G

Test Purposes :Evaluate the basic function,Appearance/structure is normalor not /parts loosen ,breakage or not

Conclusion : Screws no loosened,basic function andelectrical components work properly, Solderingpoint without falling off, Electrical components work properly.

Recommend Model :LT-300

7.Impact Test

Condition: Acceleration speed:100g,time:6ms,six sides: 4times/side

Test Purposes :Evaluate the products Appearance and pamameter  after impact and shock test during transportation.

Conclusion :No insufficient soldering,faking soldering,deformation of product parts.Electrical components work properly.

Recommend Model :LT-IS-200

8.Light fastness aging Test

Condition: Ultraviolet rays 25℃~60℃ 30%~95%R.H. 

Test Purposes :Evaluate deformation,brittle and accelerated aging rupture of metal,rubber

Conclusion :Material no obvious deformation, and brittle,cracks; Fall off and sparkling of materials

Recommend Model : LT-UV-8A

9.Rain resistance Test

Condition: RT~85℃ 40L/min,30KGF/CM2 4~17RPM

Test Purposes :Evaluate product sealing performance

Conclusion : No water into products,no rain water into seldering point or terminal,good sealing performance;electric components work properly.

Recommend Model : LT-LY-512

10.Drop testing

Condition: Package drop height:30~150CM side/edge/angle

Test Purposes : Evaluate product's basic performance. any deformation ,parts loosen ,broken after te after drop test.

Conclusion : No deformation,appearance/structure is normal,no parts loosened or broken .

Recommend Model :  LT-F-315S