• Photovoltaic (PV ) modules -Design Qualification and type approval - Test procedures according IEC61215

    Photovoltaic (PV ) modules -Design Qualification and type approval -Part 2: Test procedures  1. UV Preconditioning test Purposes : To precondition the module with ultra-violet (UV) radiation

    2017-08-31 17:06:30
  • Introduction of Accelerated Life Test for Smart Phones (3)

    7.Transportation Condition Test 7.1 Packing Vibration Test Testing Environment : Room Temperature (20~25℃ ) Testing Purposes : Testing defect caused by transportation, avoid rejection rate ..

    2017-08-08 16:56:15
  • Introduction of Accelerated Life Test for Smart Phones (2)

    3.Mechanical Endurance Test 3.1 Flip Life Test 3.2 Slide Life Test 3.3 Flip Rotation Life Test 3.4 Keypad Test 3.5 Micro-drop Test 3.6 Headset Test 3.7 Stylus Test 3.8 Charger Test 3.9 Battery /Battery Cover Test 3.10 Cable Bending Endurance Test 3.11 Cable Pulling Endurance Test 3.12 Cable Swing Endurance Test 3.13 Touch Panel Point Activation Life Test 3..

    2017-08-08 16:42:58
  • Introduction of Accelerated Life Test for Smart Phones (1)

    Introduction of Accelerated Life Test for Smart Phones 1.1 Thermal shock Testing Environment : Low Temperature : -40℃ High Temperature : +70 ℃ Testing Purposes : Testing performance reliabil..

    2017-08-08 15:58:15
  • Environmental Chambers Buying Guide

    No new product is deemed market worthy until it passes through environmental test chambers. It is in these chambers new products are tested under various environmental conditions that ensure reliability and quality of the product. Climate chambers, for this reason, are important for any development process, which makes them necessary for manufacturers. However, environmental chambers are expens..

    2017-07-09 10:27:20
  • Environmental Chambers Introduction

    Environmental testing is a necessary process for any business that hopes to be successful. By finding flaws and weaknesses before a product reaches the public, a company can save money on fixes and enjoy a reputation for quality. It can offer a better warranty and feel confident that it will not face high reimbursement costs. The long hours and expenses put into environmental testing are an invest..

    2017-06-29 11:13:31
  • Water Proof Protection Degree Introduction

    Water Proof Protection Degree Introduction IPX1   Protected against vertically falling water drops   Vertically falling drops shall have no harmful effects . Test Means : Plac

    2017-04-09 11:33:14
  • Xenon Aging Testing

    Complete Xenon Aging Testing Process Including : Illumination ,determined by the Spectral Power Distribution (SPD) and xenon arc lamp irradiance on to specimen surface. Temperature , including chamber temperature, black standard temperature or black panel temperature. Relative Humidity ; Water Spray .

    2017-03-16 20:59:30
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