Factory Tour


                                             FACTORY                                                                          SHIPMENT


                                          OFFICE 1                                                                        OFFICE 2


                                          WORKSHOP 1                                                                       WORKSHOP 2


                                          SHOWROOM 1                                                                   SHOWROOM 2 


                                          METAL PROCESSS 1                                                         METAL PROCESS 2 

Welcome to lmeTTest

As a professional automatic machine designer, supplier, we, with enough evidences and proofs, believe that a perfect factory as well as manufacturing managing system will produce higher quality product & higher standard services.

By this meaning, we focus on factory site selection, production machines selection as well as staffs selection in some extents. 

Site & Size:

Factory Site, can’t be taken as the sole standard to testify a qualified factory in scale, but we must admit that the areas of factory do regard to production capacity and production scale. Large with good facility factory site regularly provides us an available space to produce large-scale or small volume products, thus, whenever necessary, we can complete our production to meet customer’s demand. 

Machines & Tools 

When talked about machines & tools, they often regard to our manufacturing, processing, testing facility that used into manufacture, assembly, and test. 

Advanced manufacturing tools, experienced designer, manufacturing operator as well as advanced manufacturing technique decides our products and quality of our products. 

Labor & Talent

The role of man express all can be created only that technology move forward, which proves a theory: all is possible. 

Men have to be valued in a factory, because there is nothing can replace the leading position for a man in every production activity. 

Accordingly, we place a man in a position due to what we know about him or her on education, skill, experience, and ethics so his or her value can be proved here. 

Product & Quality

Every product we dealing with is essential resource for our survival & substantial development. The market demands decide appearance & functions of a product, but quality decides our marketing share.

Therefore, we optimized every production process while we employed a strict control to important details in production and assembling. We try best for details and create the high standard products for customers so as to take up our market share. 

We planned and executed a systematic quality control system to ensure product quality from starting to end.